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MediPrint™ Ophthalmics (formerly Leo Lens Pharma) is an emerging San Diego-based clinical stage eye care pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing a proprietary ocular drug delivery portfolio.

Unmet Need

Traditional eye drops are antiquated and inadequate

  • Eye drops have long had significant drawback – like patient non-compliance, low bioavailability and adverse effects due to preservatives.
  • Other alternative approaches also have downsides, like high cost, invasive surgeries and regulatory risk.

There exists an unmet need for a system that is safe, effective and convenient for the user.

The MediPrint™ Solution

Our solution is unique, and potentially a future standard of care

We use our proprietary MediPrint™ process and will initially develop, clinically test and commercialize drug-eluting, comfort-enhancing contact lenses to treat millions of patients worldwide suffering from ocular diseases.

Layer with
FDA Approved Drug

FDA Approved
Contact Lens

Our therapy offers continuous medication delivery – via non-invasive contact lenses

Unique Treatment

•Vision correction + drug delivery
• Non-invasive

Continuous Dosing

• Sustained Therapy
• Comfort-enhancing


• Less side effects
• More comfortable


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